Measure and grow, together

There's nothing more empowering than seeing your growth over time. Give that to your team and have better personal development conversations.

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Measure and grow, together

Add the missing piece: the people.

Simple check-ins

Our check-ins are designed to be quick to complete, encourage conversation, stimulate ideas for goals and actions and feel like a fair conversation, not judgement from on high.

Rich 1:1 insights

Get rich data on your shape, growth and areas to focus on next in your check-in view. Check in against current or future roles, and compare completed check-ins with other roles to give you a sense of what to learn next.

Even some of the managers who were very against this concept are now completely turned around and love it. They now do more check-ins than we prescribe!

Florence Carter, People Director, Busuu

Add teams in minutes

Add and update team members and reporting lines by CSV or one-by-one for easy team management

Download data

Analyse in your tool of choice or keep to take to your next role with easy check-in downloads

Choose your cadence

No waiting for HR-mandated review cycles. Complete check-ins whenever it feels right

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