Join us to define and measure career growth for all

Today, millions of employees looking for career growth are stuck between bad HR software and impenetrable spreadsheets. There's no career development products that employees and managers really want to use.

That's not good enough. Managers should have the power to support their teams, and anyone should have the opportunity to be the best version of themselves and create careers that they love.

We're changing all that. And we need your help.

Who are we?

Our founders Jonny and Neil are experienced product builders based in London with backgrounds scaling fast-moving startups like Deliveroo, Osper and EmpowerRd.

We've experienced this problem first hand building design and engineering teams and are excited to build the product we would have wanted to give to our teams.

We're also building a collection of puppies (meet Murphy and Sumi).

Neil and Jonny

Why you might like to work here:

Remote first

We're building a remote team (starting with UK, but with plans to expand further). Get the flexibility and comfort of home, while building a global business.


We've seen command and control, and we ain't it. We trust you to do great work, and give you freedom to make great decisions.


Startups don't have to be 18 hour day crunch and crash. Sure there's lots to do, but we believe that healthy balance produces better work and happier people.

What we can offer:

Fair pay and meaningful options

We can't compete on salary with the really big folks, but we'll make sure you're compensated fairly for believing in us, with regular reviews.

Plenty of downtime

We have all our best ideas in spanish swimming pools. We'll expect you to use your holiday allowance as a minimum.

A commitment to health

A budget for personal or professional growth, mental health or coaching, no questions asked. (It's kind of what we do.)

Our commitment to fairness

We're two white male founders building a product for everyone, a fact that we're deeply aware of. We're very committed to building a diverse team and as such will ensure that our hiring process is fair too.

Whatever your race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status or disability, we want to hear from you.

If you're unsure whether to apply (or just want to ask a question) please use our chat bubble to ask anonymously.

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