Data sub-processors

A list of the data sub-processors we use at Progression

Core Infrastructure

We use these sub-processors to provide our core application (at

NameData CollectedRoleDPA signed?Privacy Policy


San Francisco, US

Anonymised content, email address, IP addressCloud server hostingYes, included with standard termsView

Amazon Web Services

Seattle, US

Database backups, uploaded images and filesDatabase backups, CDNYes, included with standard termsView

Other App Sub-processors

We use these sub-processors to provide aspects of our service.

NameData CollectedRoleDPA signed?Privacy Policy


Lidická, Czech Republic

Session activityUser experience improvementsYesView


Boston, US

Name, email, companyReal time support, email marketingYesView


Boston, US

Name, email, companySales and email marketingYesView


Boston, US

Name, email, company, positionReal time support, help docsYesView

Google Analytics

Mountain View, US

Product usage data, IP addressesMeasuring product usage and effectivenessYesView