Podcast #18: Anne-Laure Le Cunff on mindfulness, burnout, writing every day and building a business

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Anne-Laure is a prolific writer, thinker and learner. From a background in tech at companies like Google, she's spend the last year or so focused on entrepreneurial projects, culminating in her own Venture Studio Ness Labs, dedicated to products that help people be happier and healthier. She's hugely active in the online entrepreneurial community, championing learning and personal development with a broad set of 10000+ folks following along through her newsletter.

As a fellow maker and founder, Anne-Laure and I talk less about team building and more about the journey of starting something new, compound interest when it comes to writing, being an active learner and a company of one.

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Written by Jonny

Jonny is the co-founder and CEO of Progression


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