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Skills for Product Designers

The essential skills for any design team


    Breaking Down Complexity

    By Progression

    The ability to cope with, untangle and simplify complex problems and situations.

    Business Context

    By Progression

    The ability to look for, understand and use the needs and constraints of the business in your work


    By Progression

    The ability to understand, use and improve working process for yourself and others


    By Progression

    The ability to simulate real digital experiences efficiently and accurately

    Technical Understanding

    By Progression

    The ability to empathise with engineers and technical peers, and write code

    User Focus

    By Progression

    The mindset that defaults to thinking about the needs of a user primarily, advocating for them and building real users into their everyday work

    Using Data

    By Progression

    An understanding of the power of data in informing their decisions, and an ability to harness that data.

    Visual Design

    By Progression

    The ability to describe and execute interfaces and problems to a high quality of craft

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