Writing Code

By Progression

The ability to contribute high quality code to production environments

Level 1

Is able to write solid code across smaller tasks and tickets

  • Language: You're committing quality code in at least one language

  • Documentation: You've read documentation before asking for clarification. You've contributed to docs as you work.

  • Quality: Your code has generally followed correct syntax and structure, only requiring minor improvements

Level 2

Is able to consistently write testable, readable code across larger more complex projects

  • Language: You're committing quality code in at least one language and have a working understanding of other languages your team needs

  • Documentation: You've regularly documented your code and looked to improve documentation elsewhere.

  • Quality: Your code has always followed correct convention, requiring only minor improvements. You've made trade-offs knowingly.

Level 3

Is able to consistently write production-ready code across large, complex projects

  • Mentoring: You have mentored several junior engineers around code quality

  • Language: You're committing quality code in any language your team needs OR you're best in class at one language

  • Documentation: Your code is consistently self-documenting where possible. You've regularly maintained, improved and extended existing documentation unprompted.

  • Quality: You're regularly trusted to lead complex and business-critical coding projects, including guiding others.

Level 4

Is a go-to within the team and the wider organisation across multiple codebases and languages.

  • Mentoring: You've actively mentored multiple senior engineers across the organization around code quality

  • Language: You're best in class at your language of choice, and are committing quality code in other languages the organisation needs.

  • Documentation: You've organised documentation for large code projects efficiently, advising others on best practices where needed.

  • Quality: You're known as a hub of code knowledge across multiple teams, proposing and owning the implementation of new languages and technologies where appropriate

Level 5

Is an exceptional engineer beyond the organisation, contributing to pushing the craft forwards

  • Mentoring: You're regularly mentoring mentors, raising the quality of every team member's code

  • Language: You're contributing to the languages that your company uses, developing new patterns and paradigms to solve real business needs.

  • Documentation: You've led efforts to improve documentation and code skills across the organisation. You've actively pushed other engineers to improve how code is understood and read.

  • Quality: You've pushed the boundaries of the organisation's coding practices, extending languages and libraries where needed.

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