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Supports the emotional well-being of group members in difficult times, and celebrates their successes

Level 1

Uses tools and processes to help ensure colleagues are healthy and happy

  • E.g. Checked in with colleague showing signs of burnout

  • E.g. Put themself in another's shoes to understand their perspective

  • E.g. Ensured group members were taking enough vacation

  • Avoids blame and focuses on positive change

  • Applies the reasonable person principle to others

  • Keeps confidences unless legally or morally obliged to do otherwise

Level 2

Creates a positive, supportive, engaging team environment for group members

  • E.g. Noted a team without a recent win and suggested some easy quick wins

  • E.g. Connected tedious A|B testing project with overall company goals

  • E.g. Coordinated a small celebration for a project launch

  • Proposes solutions when teams get bogged down or lose momentum

  • Validates ongoing work and sustains motivation

  • Sheds light on other experiences to build empathy and compassion

Level 3

Manages expectations across peers, leads in the org, promotes calm, and prevents consensus building

  • E.g. Reframed a problem as a challenge, instead of a barrier, when appropriate

  • E.g. Completed training on compromise and negotiation techniques

  • E.g. Completed training on transference and counter transference

  • Helps group members approach problems with curiosity

  • Maintains a pulse on individual and team morale

  • Trains group members to separate stimulus from response

Level 4

Advocates for the needs of teams and group members, and proactively works to calm the organization

  • E.g. Guided people through complex organizational change

  • E.g. Encouraged group members to focus on what they can control

  • E.g. Relieved org tension around product direction by providing extra context

  • Tracks team retention actively and proposes solutions to strengthen it

  • Grounds group member anxieties in reality

  • Ensures team environments are safe and inclusive, proactively

Level 5

Manages narratives, channels negativity into inspiration and motivation, and protects the entire team

  • E.g. Cultivated and championed a culture of empathy within the entire team

  • E.g. Challenged false narrative and redirected to compassion and empathy

  • E.g. Converted group member from a problem haver to a problem solver

  • Increases the psychological safety of the entire team

  • Works to reshape narratives from victimization to ownership

  • Recognizes and points out narratives when appropriate

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