Web Client

By Medium

Develops expertise in web client technologies, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Level 1

Works effectively within established web client architectures, following current best practices

  • E.g. Built PaymentHistory screen using ResponseScreen

  • E.g. Hooked up the action to dismiss a post from a stream

  • E.g. Implemented sticky footer on the post page

  • Uses CSS appropriately, following style guide

  • Fixes simple design quality issues

  • Makes minor modifications to existing screens

Level 2

Develops new instances of existing architecture, or minor improvements to existing architecture

  • E.g. Built modal system

  • E.g. Created shared buttons template

  • E.g. Built credit card input component

  • Prototypes simple new features quickly

  • Specs and builds interactive components independently

  • Makes sensible abstractions based on template and code patterns

Level 3

Designs major new features and demonstrates a nuanced understanding of browser constraints

  • E.g. Designed and implemented ResponseScreen

  • E.g. Researched utility of service workers for Medium

  • E.g. Designed font loading strategy for Medium

  • Acts a caretaker for all of web client code

  • Performs systemic tasks to significantly minimise bundle size

  • Provides useful design feedback and suggests feasible alternatives

Level 4

Builds complex, reusable architectures that pioneer best practices and enable engineers to work more effectively

  • E.g. Designed and pioneered proto-based model storage

  • E.g. Implemented Medium's scrolling text over image blur

  • E.g. Designed Medium's post morpher and delta system

  • Makes architectural decisions that eliminate entire classes of bugs

  • Implements complex UI transitions that bring delight

  • Pioneers architecture migrations that reduce programmer burden

Level 5

Is an industry-leading expert in web client or sets strategic web client direction for an eng team

  • E.g. Implemented unidirectional data flow to completion

  • E.g. Defined and drove migration strategy to Lite

  • E.g. Invented CSS in JS

  • Defines a long-term vision for web client and ensures projects are in service of it

  • Identifies and solved systemic problems with current architecture

  • Invents new techniques to innovate and overcome browser constraints

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