Values & Vision

By Progression

The ability to hold a clear set of values and vision of where the company should be, providing a guiding light to follow when things get difficult.

Level 1

Is driven by short term goals, does not involve others in process

  • Business values: You have some sense of what values are important to the business.

  • Vision and mission: You have a sense of what a greater purpose for the business could be.

  • Alignment: You discuss business strategy and direction on an adhoc basis.

Level 2

Is able to think about non-financial elements of business, and involves others in discussion.

  • Business values: You have a good sense of business values, and can describe the business values when asked.

  • Vision and mission: You document a vision of where the co-founders want the business to be in 5 years, you document the mission which the business has undertaken.

  • Alignment: You have regular discussions around business strategy and vision. You sometimes need to resolve mismatched understanding of business goals.

Level 3

Has a known mission, vision and values, regularly involves other co-founders to ensure alignment.

  • Business values: You have extensive discussions with other co-founders over values and take steps to document them.

  • Vision and mission: You have extensive discussions around vision and mission and takes an iterative approach to refining them.

  • Alignment: You rarely discover different understandings of strategic matters such as vision, hiring and product. You follow a process for ensuring co-founder alignment over these matters.

Level 4

Is able to document, mission, vision and values and ensure they are at the core of decision making.

  • Business values: You frequently use business values to help with difficult decision making and as a tool for building co-founder alignment on contentious decisions.

  • Vision and mission: You use vision and mission as ways to motivate the team, attract new hires and win new customers.

  • Alignment: You follow a process for exploring areas of potential misalignment and resolving them before they can create tension.

Level 5

Builds a culture of values and vision led teams, helps other team members to understand and use these in day to day work.`

  • Business values: You create time on an annual basis for reflecting on whether the values are still relevant. You use them as a tool for communicating inside and outside the company.

  • Vision and mission: You create time for periodic reflection on the vision and mission, involves the whole team creation and adoption of vision and mission.

  • Alignment: Customers, investors and potential hires positively comment on co-founder alignment on business goals and vision. This alignment is seen as an asset to the company.

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