By Clearleft

Support colleagues when they need help, and recognise the hard work of others.

Level 1

(Beginner) Makes themselves available to support others on demand, whenever realistically possible.

  • Doesn't instinctively respond "no" to support requests to help move boxes or furniture, answer telephones or the door buzzer, no matter how trivial.

Level 2

(Novice) Publicly acknowledges the effort, hard work or support of others.

  • Calling out exceptional work or commitment at the MMM.

  • Shares praise on Slack #beingsplendid

Level 3

(Intermediate) Proactively reaches out to support colleagues when they appear in need of help or guidance.

    Level 4

    (Expert) Recognises and flags stress and fatigue in others to support their continued wellbeing.

      Level 5

      (Master) Preempts and intervenes as necessary to minimise or avoid distress, unhappiness or burnout in colleagues.

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