Shipping is our heartbeat

By Intercom

There can be no changed outcome and limited learning without shipping. Great product teams demonstrate a consistent shipping cadence; PMs help drive this. But it’s not just the speed at which we ship, it’s also the quality of the product.

Level 1

Adapts to existing team shipping rhythm Facilitates and contributes to QA of core features

    Level 2

    Establishes and drives a consistent shipping cadence. Ensures product quality is high, with few bugs and issues. Contributes to QA of product features.

      Level 3

      Ensures the team has a consistent, reliable shipping momentum, PM really drives this. As a result, the team is humming with efficiency and progress, and demonstrates this with demos and in high team morale. Spots product quality risks across the broader Intercom system, not just the local product area.

        Level 4

        Motivates multiple teams to find creative ways to continue to ship frequently even for complex, high-dependency projects. Inspires and encourages multiple teams to push for a higher bar for quality across the broader Intercom system.

          Level 5

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