Ship to learn

By Intercom

PMs identify the biggest assumptions and risks to build clear hypotheses for learning. PMs are hungry for insights, open to proving themselves wrong, and most of all, share and act on the learning to deliver valuable product.

Level 1

Understands what we need to learn. Can effectively run a beta and gather learnings. Shares learnings with immediate team. Needs support to define actions emerging from learnings.

    Level 2

    Defines what we need to learn and the best way to learn that. Consistently runs efficient and effective betas. Gets teams to quickly adapt to results, both quant and qual. Consistently creates close-out reports, shares them with the team, and makes decisions based on them.

      Level 3

      Creative at figuring out quicker ways to learn faster. Particularly strong at exposing hidden assumptions and product risks. Uses hypotheses to focus a team on what and how to run a beta (or equivalent). Actively shares relevant learnings across teams and with product leadership.

        Level 4

        Applies this skill to most ambiguous and complex problem areas. Able to think coherently across multiple teams work to define what we need to learn and how best to learn it.

          Level 5

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