Ship the whole customer experience

By Intercom

PMs need to drive not just the development of a new feature or improvement, but the entire experience that surrounds it. This includes working across the business to determine: how new & existing customers find out about it, what the monetisation approach is, how sales will sell and how CS will support it...

Level 1

Understands the Interstory, launch plans, pricing and packaging approach. Needs support to identify and consider the broader customer experience beyond their immediate area of focus.

    Level 2

    Collaborates with PMM to define the Interstory, launch plans, pricing and packaging approach. Defines new and existing customer feature onboarding. Ensures docs are updated and CS + Sales are sufficiently enabled.

      Level 3

      An influential and early collaborator with GTM, where there is a fluid exchange of how GTM considerations impact product decisions. Defines impactful new and existing customer feature and use case onboarding. Very proactive with enablement to ensure the product has the best chance of success.

        Level 4

        Helps shape our GTM approach for significant product releases, working in partnership with GTM stakeholders. Defines our onboarding strategy for significant parts of the product.

          Level 5

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