By Medium

Develops expertise in server side engineering, using technologies such as Go, NodeJS, or Scala

Level 1

Works effectively within established server side frameworks, following current best practices

  • E.g. Queried a Dynamo LSI appropriately

  • E.g. Added delete audio route to Buggle

  • E.g. Added IFTTT trigger for new bookmark to medium2

  • Makes minor server changes to support client needs

  • Adds golang endpoints using Gotham architecture

  • Adds NodeJS endpoints using layers architecture

Level 2

Develops new instances of existing architecture, or minor improvements to existing architecture

  • E.g. Updated Facebook API version and codebase dependencies

  • E.g. Acted as caretaker for routes protos

  • E.g. Identified need for new index on Dynamo

  • Determines data needs from product requirements

  • Generalizes code when appropriate

  • Assesses correctness and utility of existing code and avoids blind copy-pasting

Level 3

Designs standalone systems of moderate complexity, or major new features in existing systems

  • E.g. Built Textshots server

  • E.g. Implemented payments integration with Stripe

  • E.g. Implemented Google Auth login to Medium

  • Writes playbooks for new service maintenance

  • Integrates third party services effectively

  • Acts as primary maintainer for existing critical systems

Level 4

Builds complex, reusable architectures that pioneer best practices for other engineers, or multi-system services

  • E.g. Created Gotham framework for creating Go services

  • E.g. Designed custom domains architecture

  • E.g. Designed Medium's ranked feed architecture

  • Makes appropriate buy vs build choices

  • Avoids subtle architectural mistakes when considering new systems

  • Delivers complex systems that achieve their goals

Level 5

Is an industry-leading expert in server side engineering or sets strategic server side direction for an eng team

  • E.g. Defined and implemented proprietary IP core to the company's success

  • E.g. Defined microservices architecture and medium2 migration plan

  • E.g. Researched, vetted, and selected Go as Medium's statically typed language

  • Identifies and solves systemic problems with current architecture

  • Makes decisions that have positive, long term, wide ranging consequences

  • Designs transformational projects of significant complexity and scope

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