Scope & influence

By Intercom

Level 1

• Manage and develop designers on one team • Understand and embody how we design and build product • Have impact and influence the direct product team(s) where designers reporting to you work • Deliver design in support of team goals and roadmap items • Collaborate with other functions within your product team

    Level 2

    • Manage and develop designers on many teams • Improve how we design and build product • Influence direct teams & some broader strategy decisions across the Design function • Deliver design across teams in support of company strategy • Build successful collaborations with other functions and teams

      Level 3

      • Manage and develop designers across teams or an entire group • Evolve our design thinking, process, and culture, influencing teams, design strategy, and other functions • Drive design of cross-functional, company goal-level projects • Build successful collaboration across Intercom, supporting peers and managing up & down

        Level 4

        • Scale the Design function, evolve our thinking/culture, driving new ways to engage • Influence company, business, and design strategy & decisions • Ensure all teams are set up to succeed • Work with leaders across to company to get functions aligned, motivated, & shipping

          Level 5

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