Roadmap creation & rationale

By Intercom

PMs are responsible for taking in a range of inputs and perspectives and clarifying and prioritizing problem focus areas for their teams. Why we are pursuing one set of priorities versus another should be clear from the rationale (both for readers and roadmap review participants.)

Level 1

Contributes to team’s roadmap.

    Level 2

    Owner of the team’s roadmap. Develops a point of view based on our roadmap inputs. Creates a clear & logical rationale that’s in line with product area strategy and is easy to consume.

      Level 3

      Owner of team’s roadmap. Develops a confident point of view from roadmap inputs and other insights. Creates a top class, compelling rationale that drives product area / use case strategy forward and inspires.

        Level 4

        Reviewer of teams’ roadmaps. Ensures that roadmap rationale is clear and in line with strategy. Support teams’ roadmap creation when there is significant ambiguity.

          Level 5

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