Research Synthesis

By Progression

The ability to pull together, analyse and extract insights from qualitative research

Level 1

Is able to gather and summarise research findings from tactical discovery and usability projects

    Level 2

    Is able to gather, summarise and present more complex findings across multiple types of research, ensuring conclusions are fair and backed by good qualititave data.

      Level 3

      Is able to summarise and present to large groups of people, adjusting zoom level and language for their various audiences. Uses technology, medium and existing channels to ensure their message is read and understood.

        Level 4

        Advocates for specific research projects and findings upfront, and ensures that the findings match the needs of the business. Roadshows important discovery, ensuring messages get to senior staff. Affects strategy and brings teams closer to their user.

          Level 5

          Is using qualitative research projects and findings to affect company strategy. Trusted by senior leadership as a crucial thought-partner in the rollout of any major initiative. Builds a culture of enquiry across the business.

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