By Clearleft

Build strong relationships with colleagues and clients.

Level 1

(Beginner) Works well with colleagues or clients.

    Level 2

    (Novice) Creates effective working relationships with colleagues to achieve the best possible outcomes.

    • Has reached a compromise with colleagues regarding a difference of opinion.

    Level 3

    (Intermediate) Builds good rapport and strong working relationships with colleagues and clients.

    • Negotiate an agreed outcome to a difference of opinion between colleagues.

    Level 4

    (Expert) Can confront and navigate challenging situations yet remain in demand by clients and colleagues as someone valued and respected.

    • Can negotiate contractor day rates.

    • Has not received any complaints from clients regarding their conduct.

    • Persuasively protects pre-agreed project scope and/or budgets in face of a challenge from stakeholders.

    Level 5

    (Master) Proactively and consistently nurtures and sustains new and ongoing relationships with both clients and colleagues that benefit the long term health of the company.

    • Negotiates contractual terms and conditions with a client.

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