By Medium

Strengthens Medium's team by bringing in excellent staff members

Level 1

Brings new candidates into the pipeline and understands how to evaluate candidates at Medium

  • E.g. Referred appropriate individuals for open positions

  • E.g. Set up casual sessions to practice asking questions

  • E.g. Completed interview calibration

  • Reviews current job postings regularly

  • Shadows interviews to gain familiarity with process

  • Reviews existing network for hiring leads regularly

Level 2

Interviews regularly, helps the team make meaningful hiring decisions, and helps build a diverse pipeline

  • E.g. Tested a new service for quality and diversity of candidates

  • E.g. Started a monthly brunch for candidates to meet Medium employees

  • E.g. Added observable evidence for every rating

  • Researches approaches for sourcing candidates and diversifying hiring

  • Interviews candidates with empathy and treats them all with equal respect

  • Uses interview rubric to provide clear, objective feedback on candidates

Level 3

Maintains and strengthens the integrity of the current process, and regularly brings in great candidates

  • E.g. Proposed useful, tangible improvements to the interview process

  • E.g. Brought candidates into our pipeline proactively, with a high conversion rate

  • E.g. Wrote new interview question which meets our question quality criteria

  • Reverse shadows trainees and helps calibrate their feedback

  • Models great interview technique and feedback when shadowed

  • Teaches new interviewers how to interview with empathy

Level 4

Actively contributes to and leads hiring decisions, and goes to great lengths to source great candidates

  • E.g. Started CODE2040 internship program

  • E.g. Organized and lead Medium's presence at a recruitment fair

  • E.g. Planned engineering summit on interview process and training

  • Top-grades candidates and teases out character traits

  • Makes hiring decisions, resolving discrepancies between conflicting reports

  • Documents subtle cues in interviews that indicate values alignment

Level 5

Sets recruitment strategy, invests in long-term relationships for critical roles, and recruits at scale

  • E.g. Set goals, then tracked and reported metrics on team demographics over time

  • E.g. Organized efforts around convincing acquired engineers to join and stay

  • E.g. Talked with a senior candidate over many months to fill a critical role

  • Tracks industry activity, identifying opportunities for critical roles

  • Identifies and brings in promising acquisitions

  • Sets the tone, policy and goals around building a diverse, high-quality team

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