Quality Assurance, Validation and Data Linkage Abilities

By Gov.uk

You know how to conduct data quality assurance, validation and linkage.

Level 1

You understand basic data issues and can check that the data and analysis looks right. You understand the concept of data being fit for purpose. You understand the context of the data. You know about the right questions to ask, and you are curious and apply an analytical mindset when approaching a problem. You can perform data preparation and cleansing with guidance. (Relevant skill level: awareness)

    Level 2

    You can recognise and identify appropriate ways to collect, collate and prepare data. You can decide if data is accurate and fit for purpose. You know how to do your own data preparation and cleansing with limited guidance. (Relevant skill level: working)

      Level 3

      You can set up a system to get data ready for use and specify how data should be cleansed and prepared. You can bring data together from different sources and communicate the limitations of data. You know how to peer-review colleagues’ outputs to ensure quality. (Relevant skill level: practitioner)

        Level 4

        You have a deep understanding of relevant data sources, tools and systems. You can use appropriate approaches for verifying and validating data and analysis. You know how to influence senior stakeholders in data approaches. You can coach and mentor others. (Relevant skill level: expert)

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