Project Management

By Medium

Delivers well-scoped programs of work that meet their goals, on time, to budget, harmoniously

Level 1

Effectively delivers individual tasks

  • E.g. Delivered payment history dashboard

  • E.g. Delivered stream item support for email digests

  • E.g. Wrote the technical spec for featured post images

  • Writes effective technical specs outlining approach

  • Delivers tightly-scoped projects efficiently

  • Estimates small tasks accurately

Level 2

Effectively delivers small personal projects

  • E.g. Executed the recommends to claps backfill

  • E.g. Delivered audio uploading for web client

  • E.g. Delivered promo editor

  • Defines and hits interim milestones

  • Balances pragmatism and polish appropriately

  • Performs research and considers alternative approaches

Level 3

Effectively delivers projects through a small team

  • E.g. Facilitated project kickoff meeting to get buy-in

  • E.g. Completed launch checklist unprompted for well controlled rollout

  • E.g. Ran project retro to assess improvement opportunities

  • Chooses appropriate project management strategy based on context

  • Integrates business needs into project planning

  • Delegates tasks to others appropriately

Level 4

Effectively delivers projects through a large team, or with a significant amount of stakeholders or complexity

  • E.g. Involved marketing, legal, and appropriate functions at project start

  • E.g. Managed infrastructure migration to VPC

  • E.g. Oversaw technical delivery of Hightower

  • Leverages recognition of repeated project patterns

  • Manages dependencies on other projects and teams

  • Finds ways to deliver requested scope faster, and prioritizes backlog

Level 5

Manages major company pushes delivered by multiple teams

  • E.g. Delivered multi-month engineering project on time

  • E.g. Lead technical delivery of 10/7

  • E.g. Managed technical migration to SOA

  • Owns a key company metric

  • Leads teams of teams, and coordinates effective cross-functional collaboration

  • Considers external constraints and business objectives when planning

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