Problem Ownership


You can understand and identify problems, analysing and helping to identify the appropriate solution. You can classify and prioritise problems, document their causes and implement remedies.

Level 1

    Level 2

    You can initiate and monitor actions to investigate patterns and trends to resolve problems. You know how to consult specialists where required. You can determine the appropriate remedy and assist with implementation of it. You know how to determine preventative measures. (Relevant skill level: working)

      Level 3

      You know how to ensure that the right actions are taken to investigate, resolve and anticipate problems. You can coordinate the team to investigate problems and implement solutions and preventative measures. (Relevant skill level: practitioner)

        Level 4

        You know how to anticipate problems and how to defend against them at the right time. You understand how the problem fits into the larger picture. You can articulate the problem and help others to do it. You know how to build problem-solving capabilities in others. (Relevant skill level: expert)

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