Org Design

By Medium

Defines processes and structures that enables the strong growth and execution of a diverse eng organization

Level 1

Respects and participates in processes, giving meaningful feedback to help the organization improve

  • E.g. Provided feedback on sprint planning meeting

  • E.g. Explained tactical meeting format to a new hire

  • E.g. Facilitated effective tactical meeting with empathy

  • Actively participates and makes contributions within organizational processes

  • Teaches others about existing processes

  • Reflects on meetings that leave them inspired or frustrated

Level 2

Identifies opportunities to improve existing processes and makes changes that positively affect the local team

  • E.g. Defined standard channels for inter-team communication

  • E.g. Improved Watch on-call rotation scheduling

  • E.g. Defined Frankenmeeting structure for small team

  • Advocates for improved diversity and inclusion, and proposes ideas to help

  • Engages in organizational systems thinking

  • Defines meeting structure and cadence that meets team needs

Level 3

Develops processes to solve ongoing organizational problems

  • E.g. Defined Guilds manifesto and charter

  • E.g. Created bug-rotation program to address ongoing quality issues

  • E.g. Developed baseline team templates for consistency

  • Reallocates resources to meet organizational needs

  • Solves long-standing organizational problems

  • Creates programs that meaningfully improve organizational diversity

Level 4

Thinks deeply about organizational issues and identifies hidden dynamics that contribute to them

  • E.g. Analyzed the hiring rubric for false negative potential

  • E.g. Raised leadership level change discrepancies

  • E.g. Connected mobile recruiting difficulties to focus on excellence

  • Ties abstract concerns to concrete organizational actions or norms

  • Analyzes existing processes for bias and shortfall

  • Evaluates incentive structures and their effect on execution

Level 5

Leads initiatives to address issues stemming from hidden dynamics and company norms

  • E.g. Built the growth framework rubric

  • E.g. Directed resources to meaningfully improve diversity at all levels

  • E.g. Lead efforts to increase number of mobile engineers"

  • Leads planning and communication for reorgs

  • Creates new structures that provide unique growth opportunities

  • Builds programs to train leadership in desired skills

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