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Develops expertise in native mobile platform engineering, such as iOS or Android

Level 1

Works effectively within established iOS or Android architectures, following current best practices

  • E.g. Fetched and displayed a new stream, using existing stream item styles

  • E.g. Add follow button for publications on Android

  • E.g. Added existing button to a different iOS surface

  • Reuses existing components appropriately

  • Adds simple actions that call server endpoints

  • Delivers features requiring simple local modifications

Level 2

Develops new instances of existing architecture, or minor improvements to existing architecture

  • E.g. Prototyped a simple new feature quickly

  • E.g. Added support for rendering a new type of stream item

  • E.g. Upgraded SDWebImage to a new major version

  • Migrates code from old patterns to new patterns

  • Creates simple new activities on Android

  • Defines new useful and appropriate proto-generated objects

Level 3

Designs major new features and demonstrates a nuanced understanding of mobile platform constraints

  • E.g. Informed the team about recent best practice changes and deprecations

  • E.g. Built series reader on Android

  • E.g. Designed iOS caching strategy for offline reading

  • Adds support for new iOS features after a major iOS version upgrade

  • Works effectively with Android reactive programming framework

  • Implements complex features with a large product surface area

Level 4

Builds complex, reusable architectures that pioneer best practices and enable engineers to work more effectively

  • E.g. Migrated Android persistance layer to reactive programming

  • E.g. Designed architecture for fetching and rendering stream items

  • E.g. Upgraded CocoaPods to a new major version

  • Implements interactive dismissals that bring delight

  • Fixes subtle memory management issues

  • Pioneers architecture migration strategies that reduce programmer burden

Level 5

Is an industry-leading expert in mobile engineering or sets strategic mobile direction for an eng team

  • E.g. Pioneered application-level abstractions for multi-app environment

  • E.g. Implemented Android recycler views before platform support existed

  • E.g. Defined and drove complete migration plan to Swift or Kotlin

  • Invents new techniques to responsibly stretch limits of the Android platform

  • Designs and builds innovative, industry-leading UI interactions

  • Defines long-term goals and ensures active projects are in service of them

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