Maintaining quality

By Progression

A critical Eye for quality of work in yourself and others

Level 1

Has a critical eye, and is comfortable spotting and fixing weak parts of their own work with help.

    Level 2

    Looks out for the quality of their own work and the work of others around them. An active part of critique and an honest feedback-giver.

      Level 3

      Actively constructing and leading feedback sessions, critique and new ways to improve the work of teams around them. Comfortable challenging sub-standard work of those more senior than they are. An eagle eye for detail and inconsistency.

        Level 4

        Nothing gets past them. Actively puts in place process and documentation to improve quality beyond their own remit. Regularly changes the quality bar of the people around them. Able to diagnose systematic failures leading to low quality output.

          Level 5

          Trusted by the business to ensure quality remains high. Leading the thinking both internally and externally around building process and tools to consistently create high quality products and experiences. Relentlessly pursues perfection.

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