By Progression

The ability to use qualitative and quantitative data to provide insight into customers

Level 1

Understands the principles of being insight led, and can apply those principles on smaller projects.

  • Understanding the user: You know the importance of understanding your user. You are able to assist in designing user research to better understand your customer.

  • Using data: You are aware of the data available, where it comes from and use it to contextualise your work.

  • Research synthesis: You are able to gather and summarise basic research findings.

Level 2

Is able to lead on projects involving gathering and presenting insights.

  • Understanding the user: You understand your users' needs, behaviour, and expectations. You design research iniatives to continually further your understanding.

  • Using data: You actively surface data relevant to the team, and design tests based on data-driven hypotheses.

  • Research synthesis: You are able to gather, summarise and present more complex findings across multiple types of research, ensuring conclusions are fair and backed by good qualitative data.

Level 3

Is able to lead a team on gathering and processing insight to significantly impact the team's product strategy.

  • Understanding the user: You are recognised internally as an expert in the user of your area of the product.

  • Using data: You help your team use data as a tool, working closely with analysts and thinking through short and medium term experiments.

  • Research synthesis: You are able to summarise and present to large groups of people, adjusting zoom level and language for their various audiences. You use technology, medium and existing channels to ensure your message is read and understood.

Level 4

Is considered an organisation wide expert on gathering and using insights. Leads multiple product or research teams, pushing insights to drive product strategy.

  • Understanding the user: You are an expert in the user of your product. You can define a research agenda across multiple teams. You mentor junior colleagues in achieving a better user understanding.

  • Using data: You design the data you want to see as part of your product and ensure it's robust when you ship. You query and explore data on your own, and help stakeholders plan the data they want to see.

  • Research synthesis: You advocate for specific research projects and findings upfront, and ensure that the findings match the needs of the business. You shout about important discoveries, ensuring messages get to senior staff.

Level 5

Leads the business in obtaining and using insight. Is known industry wide for their thought leadership.

  • Understanding the user: You lead the organisation in understanding your user. You use your comprehensive understanding of the business and industry to shape entire research initiatives.

  • Using data: You help to shape the data the company cares about, balancing business data with customer-focused data to find the right balance over quarters and years.

  • Research synthesis: You are using research projects and findings to affect company strategy. You are trusted by senior leadership as a crucial thought-partner in the rollout of any major initiative. You are building a culture of enquiry across the business.

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