Giving Council

By Progression

The ability to draw on experience to help decision-makers to move forwards and grow

Level 1

Comfortable listening to immediate peers and making suggestions from their experience.

    Level 2

    Comfortable listening to and advising those inside their discipline on best practices, ways of working and methodology.

      Level 3

      Can be deployed externally to advise and assist clients and customers in achieving their goals. Offers a patient and valuable opinion even in high-pressure situations. Listens carefully.

        Level 4

        Advises and supports teams in making difficult decisions, drawing on their experience and skillset to make impartial, fair suggestions. Trusted by stakeholders internally and externally.

          Level 5

          Involved in guiding internal and external stakeholders through difficult situations using their skills and experience. A trusted ally and advisor across the business, who remains impartial and fair.

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