Functional knowledge & skills

By Intercom

Level 1

• Grow experience in design management • Meet the bar for delivery of design work within your team • Connect with the craft of design, especially high-quality, modern design • Give useful design feedback in a clear, respectful way

    Level 2

    • Master the fundamentals of design management • Improve the standard of work shipped by your teams • Help teams ship high-quality, modern design • Give design feedback supported by clear rationale, not opinion

      Level 3

      • Be admired for design management excellence • Improve our execution and discourse, help the team meet new standards • Help define and evolve what great work looks like • Give feedback that helps all teams better understand design

        Level 4

        • Lead design at the company level to advance our craft • Further the place of design at the company level • Push the team in innovative and effective new directions • Provide managers with a framework for giving feedback to designers

          Level 5

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