By Medium

Promotes Medium to the outside world and establishes it as an attractive and thoughtful place to work

Level 1

Represents Medium well externally, and influences individuals positively

  • E.g. Supported PR efforts by giving a quote or having a photo taken

  • E.g. Acted as a guide for a non-friend visitor to the office

  • E.g. Shared a Medium product launch post on Facebook

  • Communicates genuine and honest excitement about their work externally

  • Attends Medium-hosted events and talks with guests

  • Shares personal and organizational successes with their network

Level 2

Participates more centrally in small events, and takes simple actions that positively influence groups of people

  • E.g. Talked at a Women Who Code event hosted at Medium

  • E.g. Organized a short tour of the office by college students

  • E.g. Volunteered as a helper for CODE2040 writing workshop

  • Organizes positive small- or medium-sized events that bring people to Medium

  • Joined public Slack group and represented Medium appropriately, and well

  • Takes meaningful action to introduce people to Medium

Level 3

Works hard to positively influence large groups of people on their views of Medium

  • E.g. Built a durable, long-standing relationship with Code2040

  • E.g. Established close ties with Creative Commons

  • E.g. Represented Medium on a panel at a conference of industry experts

  • Writes blog posts about Medium that receive moderate traffic

  • Builds fruitful partnerships with external organizations

  • Mentors or participates in a high visibility way in an external organization

Level 4

Establishes Medium as an great, innovative company and workplace to the whole industry

  • E.g. Published “Why Content Editable Is Terrible” on the Medium engineering blog

  • E.g. Authored joint-press release with EFF on DNT

  • E.g. Published a paper on Medium technology in a peer-reviewed journal

  • Leverages significant following to evangelise Medium

  • Publishes material about Medium's organizational or technical innovations

  • Establishes themself as an industry thought leader who attracts talent

Level 5

Introduces Medium in a positive light to a wider audience outside the industry

  • E.g. Represented Medium in national televised media

  • E.g. Keynoted a conference with international attention

  • E.g. Published or interviewed in a mainstream newspaper or website outside tech

  • Drives recognition and adoption of Medium in significant numbers

  • Influences people with large audiences to talk about Medium positively

  • Delivers key messages to broad, mainstream audiences

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