Domain Expertise


You understand the context of the business, its processes, data and priorities. You can apply data science techniques to present, communicate and disseminate data science products effectively, appropriately and with high impact. You can use the most appropriate medium to visualise data to tell compelling and actionable stories relevant for business goals. You know how to maintain a user focus to design solutions that meet user needs, taking account of agreed cross-government ethics standards.

Level 1

You understand the context of the business and the role of data science within the organisation. You can create basic visuals and presentations to communicate data science products effectively. You know about data and analysis and can discuss how they need to be aligned to meet user needs. You can explain how data governance works and how it relates to other organisational governance structures. You know about the data science ethics framework and can apply this to your work. (Relevant skill level: awareness)

    Level 2

    You understand the benefit of using data science products within the business, based on business and user requirements. You can effectively communicate data science products, including data, analysis and visualisations, using media tailored to the audience. You understand what data governance is required and can apply the data science ethical framework to your work. (Relevant skill level: working)

      Level 3

      You can create data science products that are proportionate to the business benefit and achieve significant impact. You know how to present analysis and visualisations in clear ways to communicate complex messages. You can develop data science communication skills within your team. You support the evolution of data governance and take responsibility for applying the data science ethical framework in your business area. (Relevant skill level: practitioner)

        Level 4

        You can communicate the business benefit of data science products, championing and governing these across the organisation. You can communicate relevant, compelling stories in the most appropriate medium. You know how to ensure that data governance and data ethics are embedded in organisational strategy. You can align data science priorities with wider organisational objectives - for example, budget. (Relevant skill level: expert)

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