By Progression

The desire to know or learn new things

Level 1

Is naturally curious about the work of others and the world around them.

    Level 2

    Asks lots of questions in pursuit of understanding. A positive attitude to learning, both on a professional and personal level with others. Looks for patterns and inspiration to influence their work.

      Level 3

      Actively encourages innovation and exploration in others. Challenges assumptions through asking questions, never assumes the given answer. Gets to root causes and unexpected answers.

        Level 4

        Uses curiosity to break down silos and challenge assumptions across teams. An unthreatening attitude and genuine interest encourages curiosity in their own team, with clear benefits to the quality of work.

          Level 5

          Completely open-minded in everything they do, with impact across an entire business. Improves and opens up conversations, and brings teams together to explore new ways of working. Never assumes their team is right.

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