Connecting the Problem to the Product

By Progression

The ability to understand your product, decipher the customer's needs and connect the two through tailored solutions.

Level 1

Has a good knowledge of the product they are selling. Can assist senior colleagues in assessing customer need, and matching the value of the product to that need.

  • Product knowledge: You understand the core product that you are selling.

  • Establishes customer need: You understand the importance of establishing a customer's needs, and can support senior colleagues in separate basic needs and desires.

  • Confirms product value: You are able to communicate the value of our product.

Level 2

Is able to consistently assess customer need and tailor a product solution to solve that need.

  • Product knowledge: You have a detailed understanding of the core product and its key additional features and can communicate this with customers.

  • Establishes customer need: You consistently detect customer needs amongst your customer type. You dig deeper to understand underlying factors influencing those needs.

  • Confirms product value: You are proficient in confirming the value of the product for the customer, connecting to the specific need where possible.

Level 3

Is able to tailor solutions to customer need based on in depth product understanding across a wide variety of customer problems.

  • Product knowledge: You have an exceptional knowledge of the product and all features. You understand the competitive landscape and how the product differs from its competitors.

  • Establishes customer need: You are able to discover customer needs across a wide variety of customer. You are highly skilled at detecting the underlying factors behind those needs, and are able to prioritise those needs in designing a solution.

  • Confirms product value: You lead the team in your ability to demonstrate the product's value. You can tailor a demonstration of this value for a wide range of customers.

Level 4

Is a go-to expert at tailoring solutions based on customer needs, connecting solution capabilities to purchase requirements.

  • Product knowledge: You deeply understand the product's past, present and how that will effect its future. You can communicate the trajectory of the product to customers effectively, based on the values of your organisation.

  • Establishes customer need: You lead multiple teams in determining customer needs. You are an expert in getting to the root of the opportunity. You feed into business strategy based on assessing trends of customer needs.

  • Confirms product value: You are known as an expert in the organisation at communicating the value of the product for a customer. You mentor junior colleagues in better adapting their communications to best demonstrate product value for each specific customer.

Level 5

Is known inside and outside the organisation as an expert on connecting customer problems to the product. Leads the organisation in establishing customer needs and tailoring the product to solve them.

  • Product knowledge: Your knowledge of the product and how it relates to customers' problems is integral to business strategy. You have expert knowledge of the product's past, present and future, and know when and how to communicate that.

  • Establishes customer need: You lead the organisation in the importance of establishing customer needs. You develop processes and techniques for the team to get better at establishing need. You regularly inform business strategy based on your deep understanding of underlying customer requirements.

  • Confirms product value: You can use your expert knowledge of the product to demonstrate its value to the most important customers for the organisation.

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