Analytical and Problem Solving Skills


You can apply analytical techniques to present a solution.

Level 1

You know about the need for careful analysis of research data to produce clear findings. (Relevant skill level: awareness)

    Level 2

    You understand how to apply basic techniques for analysis of research data and synthesis of findings. You know how to involve your team in analysis and synthesis. You can present clear findings that colleagues can understand and use. (Relevant skill level: working)

      Level 3

      You understand and can help teams apply a range of methods to analyse research data and synthesise findings. You know how to engage sceptical colleagues in analysis and synthesis. You can advise on the choice and application of techniques, and can critique colleagues’ findings to assure best practice. (Relevant skill level: practitioner)

        Level 4

        You can help an organisation adopt a wide range of analysis and synthesis techniques and continually assure, improve and innovate their practices to generate clear and valuable findings. (Relevant skill level: expert)

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