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That spreadsheet ain't gonna write itself. Luckily we offer the best of both worlds.

Take deeply written, well-researched skills and competencies from the best teams in the world, then edit and adapt as you wish.


By Medium • 5 levels

Inspires day to day excellence, maximises potential and effectively resolves performance issues with compassion


By Progression • 5 levels

The ability or willingness to change in order to suit different conditions


By Progression • 5 levels

The ability to advocate for yourself and other people, projects and ideas. A positive attitude to change and progress.

Alignment & Evangelism

By Intercom • 5 levels

As important as creating strategy & roadmaps is ensuring that these are understood and internalised by all. PMs are responsible for driving this alignment across teams & stakeholders.

Analytics focus

By Intercom • 5 levels

PMs use data to inform decision-making and uncover new product opportunities for Intercom.


By Progression • 5 levels

The ability to create and use compelling, appropriate narrative imagery through animation.


By Clearleft • 5 levels

Map the architecture of the user experience.

Art Direction

By Progression • 5 levels

The ability to imagine, create, communicate and execute against a creative vision.


By Progression • 5 levels

The ability to accurately and efficiently create production-ready work with minimal errors or amendments.

Attention to Detail

By Progression • 5 levels

The ability to focus on details and spot issues with your own and others' work

Being efficient

By Intercom • 5 levels

Bias to Action

By Progression • 5 levels

Comfort with making decisions at pace, and trying over planning

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