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Skills for Leaders

Leadership is a skillset that needs to be learnt. From the practical knowledge of hiring to the ability to recognise and nurture talent and both have and communicate a vision, the greatest leaders exhibit these traits.



    By Progression

    The ability to advocate for yourself and other people, projects and ideas. A positive attitude to change and progress.

    Culture and Togetherness

    By Progression

    The ability to bring groups together and foster a happy and productive environment

    Developing Others

    By Progression

    The ability to develop the skillsets and abilities of your team

    Giving Feedback

    By Progression

    The ability to consistently give good feedback, both positive and constructive

    Hiring and Org Design

    By Progression

    The ability to understand the needs of the business and ensure that your team can meet them

    Stakeholder Management

    By Progression

    The ability to ensure that teams are protected and expectations are set correctly

    Team Leadership

    By Progression

    The ability to maintain quality, efficiency and establish trust in your ability


    By Progression

    The ability to imagine and design the future and proactively drive towards it

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