Zero to Progression in 3 hours (and beyond!) - Part 4

Zero to Progression in 3 hours (and beyond!) - Part 4

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This 4 part series will help you go from zero to a progression framework in 3 hours.

Part 4 - Feedback & iterate

Your team has likely been asking for guidance on required levels in the team, and how to progress in their career... so get them involved!

We’ve put together this handy guide to help you get started. Once you’ve got the results back, take an hour to look for trends but keep it simple. Look for opportunities to remove things as well as add them.

A progression framework is never “done”, it's something you will (and should) continue to iterate on so get comfortable with this process. Think of it as a product not a project. You learn, your team grows, the needs of the world and the business change, so your framework needs to change with it.

If there's anything else we can do to help - contact the team!

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