We're hiring: Senior Back End Engineer

Posted by Jonny on

We're absolutely thrilled to be hiring our first back end engineer to the Progression team, to drive the building of powerful, scaleable products.

You'll have masses of autonomy and the ability to move fast and build core product as well as integrations, APIs and more, leading major projects and reporting into the CTO.

We have an amazing set of investors, a huge vision and a lot of product to build, so expect masses of autonomy, building things from the ground up and tons of face-time with us as we work together on building an amazing business.

We're also committed to running a fair and robust hiring process (whether we know you or not) to ensure that we're starting as we mean to go on with a diverse team.

You can find the job description and apply here and view our careers page here.

If you have any questions about the role, the hiring process or us as a business, feel free to use the chat bubble on our site to get in touch. (you can remain anonymous if you'd prefer)

Written by Jonny

Jonny is the co-founder and CEO of Progression


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