Podcast #22: Inside Progression Episode 2

Podcast #22: Inside Progression Episode 2

Posted by Jonny Burch on


It's been a while since Jonny and Neil sat down to talk through Product progress, plans and strategy. This somewhat unplanned ramble-chat covers how we're thinking about high touch vs low touch go-to-market, COVID impact, honing the problem we're solving and for who.

Of course, Neil also reviews a biscuit.

We have no new guest interview episodes planned (it's been a busy few months) but if you like these team chats please let us know and we can do more of them!

Anti-racism statement

During this episode we reference a statement on anti-racism and our stance, that we planned to be an intro to the episode but we decided to make it its own episode. The audio and transcript of that is here — please do give it a listen, we're learning and would love your feedback.

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Written by Jonny Burch

Jonny is CEO at Progression


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